An 8 Week Self Guided Course  to Ignite Pleasure and Power

Cosmic Bombshell is an 8 step formula to build your own tool to come back to your natural radiance pleasure and power. All in the container of a community of like-minded people.

Ignite Pleasure and Power

Embrace your shadows, enhance your sexual confidence and manifest your most powerful self.

Unlock the power of your sensuality


The ability to wake up each morning comfortable and confident in your body. 

Radiate with boundless creativity 


The power to own who you truly are and take up BIG, BIG space. 

Find effortless expansion

The freedom to drop all guilt and shame embedded from parental/ societal conditioning .

infinite abundance,

Magnetic energy that radiates to everyone you come across. 

soul-expanding clarity 


The integration of your shadow aspects of self in order to live in more wholeness and self-acceptance.

cosmic levels of pleasure

An understanding that your orgasms can be used to manifest your deepest desires (yup, I will show you how!).

This program is all about re-wiring your mind, coming back into your body and reconnecting with your soul so you can live your life in creative, abundant, juicy pleasure. 

🔮 "Join me as we create a community of like-minded people and join forces with other amazing teachers and healers in the field of energy work, astrology, relationship coaching and embodiment to share all of the tools you need for your own sensual liberation."
-Madi Murphy



The Cosmic Bombshell embodies:

  • Confidence that comes from within
  • Mind-blowing abundance (and generosity!)
  • Your juiciest and sexiest self
  • Creativity in all aspects of life 
  • Intuitive living and deep trust in yourself 
  • Clarity and conviction in all you do
  • Joy, freedom, pleasure and deep self-love
  • The balance of autonomy and intimacy in relationships
  • A mystery and magnetism that draws others in
  • A wild LOVE of your body


The Cosmic Bombshell Mastermind is 8 weeks where we will walk you through my proven 8-step methodology to move into the fullness of your power as a woman, as a leader and as the freaking full-blown goddess you were meant to be.

The Cosmic Bombshell Methodology is the intersection of practical magic: Where spirituality, psychology and embodiment meets sexuality and shadow work for next-level liberation.


you may be reading this and wondering if feeling radiant is important?

It is the most important thing. 

When you are radiant and turned on, you are in a state of flow. When your sensuality meets desire, you become an unstoppable force. 

This is a time for connection- to yourself, your truth, your power and to others authentically looking to evolve and expand. 

You are here to be a firework- lighting up even the darkest of skies. You are here to be a BOMBSHELL.




“Coaching with Madi helped me not only to get back in touch with my spirituality, but it helped me also to practice more self-love, which I didn't realize I was lacking. Madi’'s way of first working to strengthen my foundation was so key in order for me to make any real lasting changes. The wisdom and techniques she shared with me I continue to use daily. Madi has added so much value to my life and I'm so grateful for that. Thank you again.”

Jessica, Miami, FL

"Madi is seriously amazing. Within the past year that I have worked with her, I have experienced significant positive changes within my life, more than I could have ever imagined. Over the year, we have been working on various topics, trying to put me in balance over all. Yet once we started working on specifics, everything that came to her during our sessions came to fruition. It has been an incredible and indescribable experience. The one word I can use is magical. Working with Madi has been a magical experience, and I am so lucky to have her in my life."

Stephanie, New York, NY

🔥 We can’t wait to guide you on the most sacred journey and wildest adventure you’ll ever take… the journey back to yourself.

Ignite Your Pleasure and Power!
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