A 4 Month Conscious leadership program and launch accelerator.

Designed by Madi Murphy. 

Learn the 12 archetypes to unleash your cosmic power and soul's purpose using astrology, spirituality, mindset tools, integrated leadership, and community. Get the support you need to launch an offering into the world that aligns with your purpose.

Are you ready to be a revolutionary?


It's your time to step into your wholeness.

Leave behind burnout, stress and scarcity mindset... and call in your abundance, alignment and authentic power. Work with your talents, natural phases and cycles to go further.

Through astrology you will understand yourself deeply unlock the rhythms and cycles to launch and lead with conviction.

You will gain confidence and clarity to step into your role as a heart-centered leader and cosmic change-maker.


Throughout the 4 months, you will… 

  • Learn to master your mindset and break through your blocks, fears and doubts..
  • Get accountability, focus, and feedback¬†in a safe container and support from¬†me and a group of like-minded, purpose-based baddies.
  • Do deep energy work; visionary medicine integration; spiritual, body and earth-based embodiment practices.
  • Activate more abundance and joy in your everyday life while learning how to bring your gifts, business, art and/or voice out into the world.¬†
  • Have fun, connect and learn long with a group of awesome, like-minded purpose-based creatives, entrepreneurs and leaders who may become life-long friends, colleagues and collaborators.¬†
  • Receive REAL accessible, easy-to-understand and practical, personalized help from me.
  • Learn the essential tools you need to trust¬†and take care of yourself to build ANY successful business!
  • Become an even better role model.
  • Build a spiritual self-care toolkit so you can live in alignment with your most authentic self.
  • Gain the structure, organization, framework, accountability to bring your purpose out in the world.
  • Feel rooted in your purpose while you share your mission and magic with the world.
  • Build your dream offering and
  • Become a heart-centered leader and cosmic changemaker.

… so you can help more people, create freedom, fulfill your potential and have FUN while doing it! 

Includes access to our Notion witchipedia

This Notion doc was created for the Cosmic Boss program. As a member you'll get access to duplicate your own!




"Such a soul-based transformative experience. it seemed random but I realize it actually wasnt at all. The CB program helped me realize who I truly am, to be more confident and just love my self. I dont know how I could have gone through the year without the support and network of CB. 
I can't say enough good things!"


"What a gift! This was the time and space I desperately needed. It gave me consistency and continuity. The people in the group were so amazing how they showed up for each other. The friends I made have become some of my dearest and still help me grow! CB gives me the courage to be more vocal about what matters and helped me step into my truth not only behind closed doors but also in my business." 


"The entire experience allowed me to get in touch with my self again and elevate my life to a level I never thought possible. It gave me the tools to start my own business and connect to my spirituality.  I was always seeking a container like this and beyond grateful to have finally found it!"



4 Payments

  • 4 training sessions per month delivered¬†weekly. (pre-recorded with Madi Murphy)
  • 2 live¬†office hours¬†per month

  • 4 Months of¬†community

  • Guest speakers & thought leaders

  • lifetime access to The revolutionary method with Madi Murphy


Pay Monthly

Full Price


Entire Program

  • 4 training sessions per month delivered¬†weekly. (pre-recorded with Madi Murphy)
  • 2 live¬†office hours¬†per month

  • 4 Months of¬†community

  • Guest speakers & thought leaders

  • lifetime access to The revolutionary method with Madi Murphy


Pay in Full

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About Your Facilitators

Madi Murphy

Madi is a cosmic leadership coach & high-vibe hypewoman 

who is revolutionizing the way we self-realize. 

Madi is a lifelong entrepreneur, who knows that any successful entrepreneur needs energetic tools and cosmic wisdom to go the distance. Madi has studied with some of the world’s most renowned spiritual teachers and leaders. She is a graduate from the Pampamesayok Shaman School, is a Reiki Master and has studied under leading spiritual teachers.

 Madi is the Head Witch in Charge over at CosmicRX where continues to democratize everyday magic and making foundational cosmic tools available to everyone. 

Maggie Fitzgerald

Maggie Fitzgerald is the Community Manager and Cosmic Catalyst for the 2023 Cosmic Boss programs! She is an artist, sage, storyteller, problem-solver and healer with a multitude of skills and a plethora of passions. Maggie is a watercolor artist under the name Egress Arts where she paints imagery inspired by nature, animals, and the occult. She is a certified End of Life Doula for both people and companion animals and incorporates grief management, transformation advocacy, and death care of all kinds into all her work. Maggie is a classically trained singer and a lover of the voice and all its uses. She is pursuing careers in astrology, writing, voice acting, and tattooing. Maggie loves bird-watching, drinking tea, swimming in rivers, and feeling the wind on her face. She is a pacifist but would someday love to learn how to sword-fight (for the ancient art of the skill and also for the aesthetic.) She is thrilled to be a part of the CosmicRx team and for the opportunity to support every Cosmic Boss as they embark on this journey of self-actualization!