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Understand your birth chart to up-level your relationships, love, career, purpose, & Self.

Learn to Read My Birth Chart

Learn how to read your birth chart to
dive deep into your life's purpose, your personal needs, and how you can best show up for your friends, family , coworkers, and community.

The course is easy to follow.

You'll find surprising gifts about yourself in every class!


Digestible Content.

Fun slides, PDFs and do it at your own pace. 


Gain life Long Tools.

To help better your life in love, career, health and purpose.


"There is so much beauty and magic to discover about yourself in this course!"

This on-demand course is a journey into your soul blueprint where you will learn how to step into your best self and navigate your human journey with more alignment, ease and flow. Learn the language of your stars directly from astrologer Madi Murphy.



  • Understand how you are turned on and what you need to stoke your eroticism and desire
  • The energy, motivation and action steps you take to achieve something or handle challenges.
  • How to live a life fully in your power and go after what you want with your “inner fire”
  • What you teach and learn in love, how you love & enjoy beauty
  • How you define your main values and what you seek in a partner and how express affection and love
  • How you give and receive pleasure and how to harness your magnetic energy.
  • Understand your awareness, intellect and unique communication style
  • Learn how to up-level ALL your relationships through better dialogue and decision making.
  • Learn how your soul wants to express itself fully for more creativity, abundance and freedom.


  • Intro to astrology/overall big picture beyond horoscopes
  • Breakdown of elements in your chart
  • Self care & morning routine for your Sun sign
  • Importance of attuning to lunar rhythms and moon phases
  • Navigating your inner self & your habits, feelings and intuition
  • Emotional self care for your Moon Sign
  • Learn the archetypes of each sign
  • Learn what your Rising Sign says about your life path
  • Learn self care- crystals, herbs and affirmations for your Rising sign


  • Understand your career, your professional self and what you put out in the world
  • The importance of responsibility and self-regulation in your soul growth
  • Time, karma and “taskmaster” energy and how to unlock the key to your personal success
  • Tap into your individuality and the outward expression of what your soul wants to do as a “calling.”
  • A guide to articulating your personal/professional soul goals.
  • How you will receive public recognition, your leadership style and what your “social shorthand” is.
  • Understand your destiny and past lives and the challenges you must work through in order to find wholeness
  • Take stock of where your soul is moving towards in this life and what are the tools at your disposal
  • Understanding your astral body and how to access powerful tools for healing, transformation and empowerment.


Course Outline

Class 1: Intro to Astrology & Understanding your Sun Sign
Class 2: Understanding your moon sign & Emotional Intelligence
Class 3. Understanding your Rising Sign & Motivation
Class 4: Shamanic Archetypes in Astrology
Class 5. Understanding your Mercury & Communication 
Class 6. Understanding your Venus & Pleasure
Class 7. Mars & The Outer Planets 
Class 8: Understanding your Nodes
 Class 9: Understanding your Midheaven & Leadership/Success Style
Class 10: Understanding your Highest Purpose & Projecting for your Future: Lunar Nodes, Astroids & Retrogrades/Return



The Magic of You course was so informative. It has not only helped me understand astrology better in general but it has shown me how I can use astrology to live my life in "flow." I have never understood myself as much as I do now. This course has helped me improve my relationships and has given me validation for my work and the confidence that I am on the right path. The biggest take away from this course is learning how to go about life in a way that works for me. Rather than fighting to fit in a box that someone else created, I have learned to live within the "box" that was meant for me. I feel like I have a better understanding of myself and how I work which has given me more confidence to live my life my way.

I love how much thought was put into everything that was shared with us. The creators of this course did a great job making the information bountiful and also accessible/understandable. I learn specific information about each part of my birth chart which helped me understand how to better comprehend and meet my needs as well as the needs of my close friends and family.

Not only did it help me understand my astrology better, learning about other signs motivates me to approach others with more patience. People are wildly different! Madi's detailed explanation for each sign is what I liked most… going deep for each!

I loved learning about my own chart BUT also learning about all the other signs, planets and houses. Madi is real and easy to learn from, open to all questions and I highly recommend working with her and Audrey. The introduction into Shamanic Astrology has opened up a whole new way of looking at the cosmos for me. It's hard to just pick one thing I like most!! I am super confident in the "big 3" and that has made a huge difference for me in understanding myself.

I learned how to communicate with myself through my birth chart. I would suggest this class even just for The self care tools for each sign.


It’s like a guidebook and you can chose how to apply and become your true self.


I loved getting to know how to better care for myself and how my communication style differs from others & how astrology can help me understand that.

đŸ”„ We can’t wait to guide you on the most sacred journey and wildest adventure you’ll ever take… the journey back to yourself.

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