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Step into the life you were destined for.

Astrology is a powerful tool 

Astrology can illuminate your authentic self, shine some moonlight on your biggest blocks, and help you navigate your way towards boss career moves, magnetic self-love, juicier relationships, and effortless abundance. 

In this “Cosmic Orientation” audio course, you’ll learn how to decode and identify some major placements in your birth chart.

Why start here?

Your chart is a powerful life roadmap. Decoding yours will help you get clarity on your goals, your biggest blocks, and your juiciest growth arenas. 

You will preview Madi's coaching magic and some of the exercises we use in Astro Academy – and walk away with clarity on which full-length course is the best place for you to start. This is like freshman orientation for our Star Students – a place to discover what major placements you want to major in this year! 

Decode your highest potential!

In birth chart basics, you’ll learn how to finally take control of your future.


The Courses a la carte...

Sun Moon Rising

Understand who you are, who you’re here to be, and how to really take the best care of yourself and shine your authentic brilliance with the world. 


The Houses

Understand how astrolgoy can impact you everyday. The houses also help us understand how we are in the world and with impacts on things outside of ourselves. 


Elements & Modalities

Each of the elements can help us understand and relate to the specific personality traits, tendencies, drives, desires, and qualities within us. modalities help us understand how we direct energy and react to situations. 


Mercury, Venus and Mars.

Mercury, Venus, and Mars are what we call your “personal planets.” This course we’re going to be focusing on Mercury, the messenger of your chart, your PR planet, and your cosmic communicator. 


Midheaven, Chiron & North Node.

Understand how to bring your soul to a place of fulfillment and peace, turn your pain into purpose,  show up in the world with your unique gifts.



Birth Chart Essentials

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