$44.00 USD or more

Saturn Return Workshop


A 2-hour workshop and the most valuable $44 dollars you'll spend over the next few years. 

Join astrologer Madi Murphy to understand how to navigate what may be the most pivotal astrological transit you ever go through. This workshop removes all the chaos and confusion surrounding this deep rite of passage and will leave you clear, aligned and empowered about WTF exactly this time is all about so you can exhale and work with this energy for your highest good.

Madi loves working with people going through their Saturn return. She has worked with hundred of baddies going through their return and has gained a vast array of intel, information and insights you won't want to miss.

By the end of this training, you'll come out of this understanding exactly WHY this is happening, WHAT it's function is and precisely HOW it is showing up in your life.

The workshop covers:

  • What is a Saturn Return and why is it so important.
  • The unique themes and lessons for Saturn in Pisces.
  • How the Saturn Return will affect you based on your birth chart.
  • The area of life where you're going through the most transformation.
  • The Saturn Return Golden Rules, aka Madi's signature, tried and true Do's and Don't's of this transit.
  • Valuable journal questions to better understand how to utilize the cosmic energies of this portal.
  • Custom Self Care RX's based on your birth chart.

Plus, you'll get the opportunity to join a community of other modern mystics and cosmic baddies going through their Saturn Return.

This grounded and practical knowledge is broken down into easy-to-understand language designed to benefit your experience of your Saturn Return. Let this masterclass nourish you as you move through this initiation period- so you can not only simply "survive" the Saturn Return but thrive during it, as well. 

This is an ON DEMAND class. (not live)

Course video, slides and PDF included with purchase.